Frequently Asked Questions

Udua is a global marketplace connecting sellers to buyers.
We showcase soft commodities, Hard Commodities and offer pre and offer post shipment services.
Yes. We carry out verification on our merchants before they can trade on Udua marketplace.
Verification takes between 48-72hrs.
Yes. Your company needs to be registered to transact on Udua marketplace
Yes. You can negotiate with the merchant through our messaging platform.
Payment is made to bank account provided on the website.
Buyer is expected to initiate the conflict resolution process, however, It is advised to carry out sampling of products, before making a full purchase in cases where the buyer may not be sure about the product.
We pay 70% of invoice value against bill of lading, and balance 30% when products reaches buyers
Sellers balance is held on till until both parties come to agreement.
We request that seller send in shipping documents to Udua via designated channels.
This depends on country of destination.

Udua Commission Structure

Udua is offering you a platform where you can reach your customers both locally and internationally. For this service, Udua takes a commission on products or services sold. Our commission are the lowest and quite competitive in the market


Item Commission Note
Products 4.8% Tangible/ physical goods
Services 9.5% Non- Tangible/non-physical goods
Service Charge $0.99/ ₦430 Service charge includes marketing, administrative charge

For all products and services, Udua deducts the applicable commission calculated on the total sales excluding tax, delivery cost and any other cost. E.g.
10 metric tons of ginger - $5000.00
Delivery - $600.00
Tax (7.5%) - $375.00
Total - $5,975.00
Commission paid to Udua ($5000 x 4.8%) - $240
Service Charge paid to Udua - $0.99
Total paid to Udua: $240.99